Thursday, July 12, 2018

4th of July Fun!!

We started the festivities with swimming and fireworks at Grandma and Grandpa B's on Sunday night.  Then on the 3rd we went to the Grable's, like tradition!

We took the ranger there, and had some tired kids on the way home!

All the boys played pool games...

And then the adults played a little slip and slide!

This may be the best picture of the day...

The kids had their float in the parade, and won best decorated for the 2nd year in a row!  

Lots of girls!  Kyler, Connor, Ella, Ellie, and Cassidy

And boys...Lane, Jace and Colton

Love these patriotic kids!

Fishin', Forts, and Flying

Every other day is "a good day to build a fort, Mom!"

We went fishing at Jerry and Janie's when the river was up--Jed was bow fishing and caught several big ones!  Jace had a hard time picking it up off the table to hold, and then of course had to help "scale" the fish before Jed cut them.

Of course, Connor didn't want to touch them or even get too close...

Jed tested out a helicopter for spraying fungicides this's so awesome because it comes right to your field.  So in other words, this has been Jace's best days this summer getting to go along and watch!

We had Alexis with us one day so she got to watch too!

While we were waiting for the helicopter to come back we picked some sweet corn!

While the boys were busy with the helicopter, Connor and I picked sweet corn for freezing!

She also upgraded to Jace's bigger bike, with training wheels of course...

And put both the kids to work sorting pills for Jed and I!  They might grow up to be a pharmacist, or will be well prepared to take care of us in old age.  :) 

Almost every morning I go running while the kids are still sleeping, and often Jed leaves before I'm back.  A few times Connor has been outside, or at the top of the driveway looking for me when I got back.  THIS morning, however, I rounded the corner to come home and there she was, "checking the cows!"

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Connor Plays TeeBall!

She has been waiting for this day her whole life...

Did we win?  Um, sure.  :) 

Connor and Cassidy were both FLAMINGOS...

Got a few pictures of the MANY people that came to watch Jace and Connor play all month.  Seriously at one of Jace's game I think EVERYONE was there and we needed half a bleacher at least!  SO FUN that everyone tries to see the kids play!

And Connors team: Juliet, Hailey, Emma, Kinzlee, Kinleigh, Connor, and Cassidy.  Ruthie was on our team too but missed the last game.

Jace's Last Year of KBALL!!!

This is Jace's last year of coach pitch year it's kid pitch!!

He played shortstop..except for one time he got to play catcher.  It's his dream to be a catcher...but he did a great job playing shortstop this year!!

Had to get a picture with Riley's dad Tim...

Got some pictures before one of the tournament games...

I kept the book for the team at most of the games this year, so I didn't get many action shots...

And had to show off his missing tooth..

Jace's team were the runners-up in the tournament...we lost to the same team in the championship that we lost to three times this season.  UGH.  The worst thing wasn't that we lost but our team just didn't play well AT ALL....

Still proud though.  And love this coach/son duo!