Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Sweeeeet Summertime....

Pulling out the big bottle to feed our calves!  It's quite a chore with two calves now!

Gotta keep an eye on those kitties!

Connor is turning into quite the driver..

Our strawberry patch has been phenomenal this's never produced this good!

This dress....Connor and I are both in love with it!  Although she says this is the kind of dress you get married in...but it is great for twirling!

The rodeo was back in town!  Connor, Jace, and Riley had fun talking to the Rodeo Queen...

And I had to document what a big girl Connor is getting to be...
She drinks the milk from her cereal bowl...and doesn't always need a booster seat.

And she has been helping me more and more in the kitchen!

One day Kyler was here and she helped her work on her "homework."

Jace and I, enjoying a stop at Dairy Queen!

And Connor too!

Brook came over to play!

She loves our kitties!  Would make a great birthday present for her upcoming 2nd birthday!

It's rare, but Connor wanted to ride with Jed unloading hay bales!

And last, we got new waterguns so everyone was playing with them inside!  They surrounded Mom!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Trojan Day at the K

But first, we practice baseball.

And we play baseball...

 And Jed and I went to a Royals game!  It was my birthday present from Jed.  He knows the way to my heart.  :)

And then we went to a Royals game two days later!  Troy put on a Trojan Day at the K, where a bunch of people from Troy went down together, tailgated, and all had tickets in the same section.  We went and took Jace...Connor stayed home with Grandma and Grandpa J.

Max got to stay with Grandma and Grandpa J too!

The Luedke's were there too!

The kids had a blast!  Tailgating with all sorts of friends!

The Johnson crew had a great time!

We saw several of Jace's friends!  Kyler, Don, and Charli

The neighborhood gang!  Alyson, Gracie, Cayley, Austin, and Colton; Kyler, Ella and Jace!

Jace and Jay are such great buddies.

And here are a couple of my buddies!  Jennifer and Megan.

And another one of Jace's buddies, Ryan!

The game is always fun...
Jace was trying to get on the "Flex Cam"

AND, we even got to enjoy a rain delay!  It POURED rain--so we ran up under the awning and ended up next to Grandma Margaret!  Luckily we didn't get soaked, even though the field did, but then the rain was over and we enjoyed the rest of the game!  

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Play Ball!

Baseball is Back!

Some things never change....nail biting at it's finest...

Batter Up!

His expressions are priceless....and he is really into it this year.

And we caught one of Kyler's games too!

And don't forget Cassidy!  She is getting in her fair share of baseball games this year!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Helloooooo Summer!

Started with our annual crawfish boil!  Some of us are a little more excited about them than others...

And some of us are exhausted...

 And, we bought a pontoon.

The Luedke's went with us when we met Jay, Morgan, Max and Kemper on a maiden voyage.  We put in at Rulo and had a great time!

And can't wait for more of this in summer!