Thursday, August 24, 2017

Saying Goodbye.

To summer. Whomp, whomp.

Painted nails, ready for school!

Jace has recently discovered sitting in a tree for bow shooting...

"Let me get one last picture of you on these carefree summer days!"

First year we have ever had apples from our apple tree that tasted good, AND didn't fall off before they were ripe!

Didn't think there was any way Jace weighed enough to run the mower...surprise!

"Let's go to the carwash!" --Connor.
Still hates the carwash.

Working on "homework."

I ordered Magnatiles for school...and these two confiscated them first!  They are a lot of fun!

Connor is getting pretty good at bike riding!

Apples, tomatoes, watermelons, and cousins!

And, as we say Goodbye to summer, we say goodbye to our kittens too, that we've had since Easter.  They are going to a great home, where Avery, Addy, and Ainsley can take care of them!

So, we said goodbye to "Biggie", "Tiny", and "Tiny Jr."

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Solar Eclipse. August 21, 2017

 We prepped for the Solar Eclipse.  From what the news people said, it would be bumper to bumper traffic, and everyone would need somewhere to go.

We got our signs ready, and set up on Blanton's ridge.

The day we were prepping, Brook's mom and dad were doing a "night before" concession stand on main street in Troy.

We even had time for a nap!

The day of the Eclipse was a little disappointing, but still fun!

It was kind of cloudy, and rained off and on.  Made it hard to see all of the eclipse...

As much as Jace wanted to experience the whole thing, Connor could have cared less...which was fine since everyone was so worried about looking at the sun and causing eye damage.

The clouds parted JUST IN TIME for us to see the eclipse happen.  And it was amazing.  Everything got quiet, you could hear coyote's howling in the middle of the day, it was a neat feeling.

After the eclipse happened, we packed up and headed to Grable's where they had been hanging out all day.  Funny things happen at Grable's sometimes...Gracie got dipped in the pool, and Connor went swimming in her panties...

Nothing like a mid-day drive to get a nap in!

And--have to throw this birthday photo in!  Colton's party wasn't on the Eclipse, it was the weekend before.  But, his 10th BIRTHDAY was on the same day as the ECLIPSE!!  Talk about once in a lifetime!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Squeeze it in...

It's getting close enough to school we are trying to squeeze in as much fun as possible before we go back!

Some outside painting...

A Friday night dinner-boat ride...

Some fishing with Jay and Jena and the whole crew at the pond!

Visiting Grandma Lucille....

Breakfast at The Big Biscuit....YUM!

After having this Farming Edition gun, we finally got a case and got it hung in the office!

Nap times.  :) 

Even for a Princess...

This time Jace "wasn't tired", but went outside to play with the kittens and this happened...

We went to the Troy park and the Bendena park with Brook and Jena....
Every time we drive by the Bendena park to go to the bank Connor begs to go to the Bendena park, so we finally went!

And Jace used up some of our strawberries and made some awesome strawberry shakes for us!