Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Ski Trip, Part 2.

Jace went everywhere we went.  He wasn't afraid, and didn't every question us.  Most of the time I skied first, Jace followed my path, and Jed brought up the rear.

On our final day of skiing.....Jace made it to the top!  It was SNOWING!!!!  These pictures don't do the mountain justice.  He went up several times, but this time we literally hopped off the side of the mountain and made our own path.  To be fair, when he got down to me he said he didn't like that....but he wasn't crying!!

We couldn't slow him down long enough for a family photo!

It's always fun to stop for some hot cocoa!

This picture is trying to show how we got Jace through the flat parts.  You lose speed, and kids don't use poles so he would have no way to get through them.  Jed or I would come up behind him, and he would kind of ride between our legs as long as he could!

Still excited at the end of the day!

Waiting in line for the lift!

Ski group 2017

Angela, Jed, Ryan and Megan Grable.
Jace, Ella, Austin, and Gracie Grable.

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